Your Safe Home


You love your family and your home.  It is full of priceless memories and irreplaceable treasures that you value and want to preserve. The thought of an intruder or fire or frozen pipe destroying what you care about is too horrible to imagine.

Our professional design team will tailor a system that meets your individual security needs. We ask questions, make recommendations, and work in cooperation with you to assure that we are providing a security system that is easy to use and protects your family, your home, and your investments.  We'll start by exploring your security and protection priorities and inquire about your budget. Then, we'll recommend a custom combination of devices, easy to use keypads, and monitoring services. 

The options and features you'll be selecting from include the most reliable and functional devices we can bring to your home.

Window and Door Sensors  -  These almost invisible sensors tell you and our monitoring station when there is unexpected access.

Pet Immune Motion Detectors  -  In some cases, motion detectors are more economical than window and door sensors.  They can be installed in major traffic areas.  With our advanced pet immune technology,  pets can roam freely without setting off an alarm, but the bad guys can't. 

Smoke Detectors   - You need to be protected even when you're away and the batteries in your store-bought smoke detectors have died.  By installing hardwired smoke detectors with rechargeable battery backup and a central, supervised service, your family will be alerted and your home protected 24 hours a day, whether your security alarm is on or off. We can dispatch the local fire department immediately. Don 't take chances with fire protection. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors   - Your family needs to be protected from the silent but deadly effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. With our system, if CO is detected, every floor in the home will be alerted, not just the floor where the sensor tripped. And with 24-hour monitoring we can dispatch medical help immediately, allowing you to concentrate on getting everyone out safely.

Water, Temperature, and Oil Level Alarms - If your family travels frequently, having a system that senses temperature, oil levels, and water flow is a simple and effective way to protect your home from damage and disaster.  With these systems connected to our monitoring service, help can be minutes away. 

Medical Alerts and Panic Buttons:  You or your loved ones should never be in a situation where you are unable to get to a telephone for a medical or other emergency. Our medical emergency alert systems and panic alarms provide access to help 24 hours a day. Police or medical help can be dispatched immediately. 

Cameras, Intercoms, and Video Surveillance - Utilizing these features, homeowners can see who is at the door, keep an eye on the kids in the playroom or backyard, and protect property or vehicles from vandals or thieves.  Businesses can keep an eye on staff, retail stock, cash registers, and parking lots.  These cameras can easily be viewed remotely via internet access.

I'm Home SafeThe "I'm home safe" email video:  Your system can be set up to trigger an e-mail with an attached video when the kids open the front door after school. Isn't that great peace of mind? 

Alphanumeric Touchpads  - Text displays provide easy-to-read system status information.  

One-Touch Arming  -  The system can be set by touching only one button. 

Multiple User Codes -  Caretakers, cleaning staff, and contractors can each be provided with their own code.

Custom Installation Planning:  We know that installing a home security system may conjur visions of ugly wires, walls being torn open, and inconvenient scheduling. We can now use wireless connections to make the installation cleaner and faster. Additionally, most home systems can be installed in less than a day.  We will work with you to schedule a time that is most convenient for you and your family. 

Personal System Extensions 

Individual Area Security -  This feature lets you arm and disarm home offices, apartments, and detached garages without affecting the security of the rest of the home.

Personal Devices - Our waterproof, wristwatch style medical alert system with two-way voice capability allows discreet protection for those who want the freedom to live independently, yet protected.  You may also choose a simple keyfob that fits your keychain and lets you turn your system on and off remotely.

Home Automation - Turn on and off lights automatically at different times on different days while you are away. Turn your system on or off from any phone to allow visitors or service personnel into your home. Adjust your heating and air conditioning before you or your visitors arrive home.