Cape Cod Crime Statistics

The following article recently appeared in the Cape Cod Times:

Each year the FBI publishes its Crime in the United States, data submitted voluntarily through the Uniform Crime Reporting Program by cities and towns across the country - including Cape Cod.

This searchable database from those public records shows the number of reported violent crimes (subdivided into four categories) and reported property crimes (also subdivided into four categories). The data also shows the rate of crime per 1,000 residents between 2001-2012 in each Cape town and how it ranks amongst all Cape towns.

Select a town and then a single year - or "All Years" to view all 11 years of data. Click the "Details" link on the results page for specific crimes and rankings. Please note that because the UCR program is voluntary there are reporting gaps, particularly among some of the smaller Cape towns. Also, smaller towns are more susceptible to statistical variances.

Click here to search the database. Find out how safe your town is.