Commercial & Government

Commercial, Government, and Educational Properties

Our business and governmental customers select from a wide range of services designed to safeguard their property and employees.

Burglar and Fire Alarms

Protect your business from a devastating fire or break-in with our state of the art security systems. We can monitor for smoke or rapid temperature increases to alert the local fire department of a possible fire. We can monitor doors and windows to detect an unauthorized opening or we can use motion detectors to alert you and local authorities when there is unscheduled activity.

Access Control

Our customers want to limit and control who comes and goes on their property. Employees are welcome almost anywhere in their building or buildings. Customers and suppliers are limited to certain areas. In the case of health care facilities and nursing homes, residents or patients may have to be prevented from leaving. We can design a custom solution that meets your needs.

Hold-up Alarms & Emergency Buttons

Give your employees the security of having immediate access to emergency services at the touch of a button. These alarms can be placed in a central location or carried as a wireless device.

Video Surveillance Systems

Choose from our wide variety of interior and exterior surveillance systems designed to meet your individual business needs, including day/night cameras, motion tracking, and high-resolution imaging. You can even remotely watch what’s going on at your business live, online.


Allow your employees, including security personnel, to reach each other quickly and easily.

Schools and Government Buildings

School protection can be dramatically enhanced by both our monitoring and access control systems. The use of cameras provides security for students and teachers, monitors high traffic areas, and reduces school vandalism. Government buildings can be protected from theft, vandals, fire, smoke and water damage by emergency alarm systems designed to meet individual building needs.

Central Station Monitoring

Our U.L. listed security monitoring station is expertly staffed and managed 24 hours a day and is the most technologically advanced central station in the world. We share this station with other alarm companies so that our customers have the most advanced systems available at the most cost-efficient price.